Basic Life Support (BLS) Level 2 (VTQ) Reviews

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “Very informative, easy to learn”

    ~ Simona from LONDON
  • “Very clear and easy to follow. Very convenient to do on line.”

    ~ Michele, Pilates teacher from Oxfordshire
  • “Last year my 4 year old son was choking on a piece of food, and the skills I had acquired from doing this training that year thankfully saved him.”

    ~ Sampath, LOCUM GP from KENT
  • “Very well presented and easy to grasp the basic concepts. ”

    ~ Charles, Medical Practitioner from N/A
  • “Excellent video instruction. The review of universal precautions and First Aid Kits are really useful too. Excellent job of reminding everyone of this important skill. ”

    ~ Sean, Medical Officer Royal Navy from Devon
  • “This training is very good experience it has teach me most of the training that l forgot since my last training in 2014 in hospital thank you so much.”

    ~ Annah from California
  • “Informative”

    ~ mohamed from Berkshire
  • “Very thorough and well-explained.”

    ~ Miss, Certified Fitness Instructor from Aberdeenshire
  • “Thank you so much ”

    ~ Aja, Care assistant from Glasgow
  • “Very helpful ,can start stop at any stage and easy to use”

    ~ Sara, GP from Kent
  • “It was very useful and up to the point. I highly recommended this website.”

    ~ Wedatallah, Doctor (DO/MD) from Dublin
  • “Excellent, very easy to follow, the videos are the best I have seen, better than attending face to face”

    ~ Zaynab, GP from West Midlands
  • “I didn't know what to expect from an online course such as this, but i was pleasantly reinforced by the clear tutorials and repetition of information. I would like to revisit the course from time to time to refresh my skills. This course was initially a job requirement but now I see it as a life skill. I can see myself taking more tutorials in the future.”

    ~ Sofia, Dental nurse trainee from Middlesex
  • “This course is brilliant, love the way you can pause and re join it at any point, especially if you miss key points”

    ~ susan, dental nurse from Cambridgeshire
  • “You are The Best !!!”

    ~ Cristina, Dental nurses from Jandîc Cristina
  • “This is a fantastic resource that allows easily-accessed and time-efficient revision for medical professionals and members of the public alike - very accessible and well explained. I'd recommend this to friends and colleagues.”

    ~ Elizabeth from California
  • “The training was absolutely well explained all the BLS component. I really enjoyed the course. I will recommend any one who is interested in BLS, this the best one”

    ~ Mohamed, Doctor (DO/MD) from Lambeth
  • “The initial videos have sufficient information to guide you through the assessment and the test”

    ~ frederick from Surrey
  • “For dentists in the UK, this should be the way to do CPR hours every year. See you next year. Good job!”

    ~ Manuel from California
  • “The course was very thorough and the video scenarios make it interesting and easy to follow. ”

    ~ Pritam, Dental Assistant from Middlesex
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “Advisable service”

    ~ Ahmed Said, 6 days ago
  • “After completing the Protrainings BLS course I feel more confident and competent to handle any situations I may face in everyday clinical practice. ”

    ~ Leena, 9 days ago
  • “This is course is excellent, knowledgeable, and mandatory for everyone-Well done ”

    ~ Emad, 27 days ago
  • “The tutorial slides were clear and easy to understand.”

    ~ Usman, 28 days ago
  • “The BLS training is made very easy and understandable”

    ~ Francesco, about 2 months ago
  • “This has been very informative and concise. I am pleased and will be using this website again ”

    ~ Christine, about 2 months ago
  • “Very thorough.”

    ~ Aqsa, about 2 months ago
  • “well detailed and good explanation.”

    ~ Taiye Olawale, 2 months ago
  • “This is a great course and it teaches you all you need to know about basic life support care. ”

    ~ Amarachukwu Oluwaseun, 3 months ago
  • “I have attended several face to face CPR courses and this online CPR course is just as informative”

    ~ tracy h, 3 months ago
  • “Very handy clinical update. Especially in these Covid times.”

    ~ Gail, 3 months ago
  • “I have done this course three times now over a seven year period and I always find it interesting and up to date. It has been the only source available to me this year due to courses being cancelled. ”

    ~ robert, 3 months ago
  • “thank you”

    ~ Greta, 3 months ago
  • “Course is very easy to follow and gives just the right amount of information without overloading too much ”

    ~ Brenda, 3 months ago
  • “It was made easy.”

    ~ Edward, 3 months ago
  • “This is excellent material, very practical and impactful. It is the best training in BLS I've undertaken so far. ”

    ~ Ifeanyi, 4 months ago
  • “very good teaching thanks”

    ~ Mohamed, 4 months ago
  • “This a fantastic course and very informative. it was easier for me to follow in update my knowledge and skill in BLS.”

    ~ Wakeel, 4 months ago
  • “Very brief and clear training, and still a lot of information given. useful even for day to day life. ”

    ~ Nurlaela, 4 months ago
  • “I found this course very interesting and detailed. The explanations combined with videos were clear and well described.”

    ~ Ambra, 4 months ago