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Make sure you keep yourself, bystanders and the patient safe when approaching the scene of an accident. Always remember to stop, think, then act. The STOP part stops you from rushing in and getting hurt. It gives you chance to THINK; what dangers are at the scene, what could hurt you, do you need help, where are your exits, etc. The ACT section is where you do something. Put gloves on, introduce yourself, ask for permission, approach, get help, etc.

Check for anything that may be a danger, such as broken glass, body fluids, electricity, gas, or traffic. Remember that scene safety is your primary concern. Have a look at your workplace or home, consider the possible dangers and think of ways you can identify potential dangers and think about ways to reduce them. 

  • FPOS level 3 unit one LO1.1, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.4