2015 CPR guidelines changes – UK Resuscitation Council

On 15th October 2015 the new 2015 UK, European and ILCOR CPR guidelines will be updated. The exact content we will not know till the day and it maybe that some guidelines will not change but all will be announced on the day. ProTrainings will update all material immediately and if you are an existing student you will have access to the new manuals and materials as well as the new videos a couple of days later. ProTrainings will be teaching the latest guidelines immediately online and though our instructor network.

The rules are reviewed every five years and the last review was in 2010 where the current course material is based. In 2015 the rules may change but until you know the latest guidelines the old ones are fine. We will put the new videos on the blogs, on company/instructor dashboards and across social media to make sure that all trainers and students understand the changes and what the new guidelines are.

If you need any help or advice you can always email ProTrainings or contact us through our social media accounts. If you need any help with courses, online or locally though our instructor network contact us.

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