Update on the new CPR/BLS guidelines 2015

The guidelines will be updated on the 15th October 2015. The changes are amended every 5 years by ILCOR, ERC and the UK Resus Council. We do not know yet what the changes will be but ProTrainings will have available updated teaching material on the day and we will change our videos within 2 days making our video online courses and the videos class students receive, up to the latest 2015 guidelines.

We will keep you posted of any news or changes as we know but the main guidelines will not be released until the 15th. First aid training in the mean time will follow the 2010 guidelines.

For First Aid Equipment and CPR Manikins  different brands and training equipment available including the Practi-Man Manikin range, choking vests and AED Trainers and Live Units.

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