Training AED Units

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Effective Use of AED Training Units

Introduction to Training AED Units

Discover the importance and functionality of AED training units, designed to simulate real-life emergency scenarios without the risks associated with using actual AEDs.

Advantages of AED Training Units

  • Resource Conservation: Avoids the depletion of real AED units' battery life and pad usage.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduces expenses by conserving real unit resources.

Training Unit Features

Training units like the HeartSine 350 and HeartSine 500 closely replicate actual AEDs, ensuring realistic training experiences.

Key features include:

  • Remote controls for scenario setups and pad detection simulations.
  • CPR assistance feedback in advanced models.

Importance of Competent Instruction

Ensure training is conducted by knowledgeable individuals to maximize the effectiveness of AED training sessions and prevent misinformation.


Training AED units are an invaluable tool for realistic and safe CPR and AED training, essential for preparing individuals for emergency response situations.