Waiting for the E.M.S to arrive

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What to Do While Waiting for EMS

Emergency Preparedness

Primary Concern: Patient's well-being should be your top priority while waiting for EMS.

Bystander Assistance: Consider involving nearby bystanders who may be able to provide help.

Effective Communication

Phone Information: Provide detailed information over the phone to EMS, helping them anticipate the situation.

Accessibility: Identify any obstacles like obstructive cars or movable items and address them safely.

Bystander Support

Assistance Seekers: Ask bystanders to assist by locating and guiding the ambulance to your location.

Home Safety: Ensure pets are secured and illuminate your home during nighttime emergencies for better visibility.

Patient's Medical Details

Medications and Conditions: Inquire about the patient's medications and medical conditions to relay to EMS.

Doctor's Information: Collect the patient's doctor's details and check if they are currently under hospital care.

Workplace Awareness

Alert Reception: Inform reception and relevant personnel at the workplace about the accident and EMS arrival.

Preventing Delays: Avoid delays in EMS arrival by ensuring everyone is aware of the situation.

Stay Connected

Mobile Availability: Keep your mobile phone with you to ensure EMS can reach you at any time.